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Springfree Products

We are now the sole agent in Malaysia, for the SAFEST TRAMPOLINE IN THE WORLD - the SPRINGFREE TRAMPOLINE. The Springfree Trampoline received one of the highest accolades in design excellence at the Australian International design awards gala in Melbourne 2009.

Springfree trampolines bring you the safest jump in the world. Designed in New Zealand in the department of mechanical Engineering at the Univesity of Canterbury by Professor Keith Alexander.

Safety: As a parent your family's safety is a priority. Springfree Trampoline is safe by design giving you complete peace of mind.


Play: Springfree have reinvented the trampoline, without compromising the fun.

No more I'm bored means more free time for mum and dad and with the coolest trampoline ever you'll be a real hero.

Our prices are all inclusive of delivery and Installation.

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